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Experiential Education

Teach your class recycling, chemistry, physics and many other subjects using experiential learning from the safety of your class, made possible through our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality workshops.

What we do?


Education designed for your brain

At BrainFirst we believe that everything starts with education. We believe in young people and actively invest in the creation of innovative technologies that will take off their skills.

Our Story

It all started in 2018 where the co-founders of BrainFirst received a scholarship to the educational institution, the Apple Developer Academy.

In 2019, during a project on education at the academy, we realized the large gap that exists in Greek schools between technology and education. Thus was “born” BrainFirst, an EdTech project that has a vision to bridge this gap through workshops in schools.

Today, in the year 2021, we have created our first product, the VR training day with our own software development, virtual reality glasses and recycling theme!

Philosophy & Mission

Our vision is to strengthen the way of education in schools by creating, designing and using innovative technologies but also by organizing workshops-seminars for a more efficient way of using technological applications in education.

We help students Explore, Grow & Learn

The purpose of our VR educational workshop is to use experiential learning that will result in the most efficient memorization and education of students, in a specific subject but will also offer the modernization of the tools available to a teacher. The topic of our current workshop is the right way to recycle through a virtual reality gaming experience.

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