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Meets hygiene requirements;

Meets the hygiene rules regarding the recent measures against coronavirus, wearing a mask and personal protective disposable face cover.

Meets accessibility standards?

VR has been proven to benefit people with disabilities by offering them an alternative way of a realistic experience that would naturally be difficult to impossible to experience.

Is it compatible with the principles of modern education?

The program is based on experiential learning, as it simulates a realistic experience of recycling through virtual reality.

Is it appropriate for the age group to which it is addressed, and does it concern the whole student population to which it is addressed?

It is suitable and adaptable for all age groups that can understand-perceive and use the virtual reality equipment. Preferably 8+ years old.

Does it promote the principles of respect, democratic coexistence, non-violent conflict resolution and solidarity both in the social learning context and in the wider school community?

The content of the game is anti-war, as there is a “magic hood / blower”, which replaces the weapon. In addition, there is a peaceful environment without creating negative emotions.

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